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How To Generate 2-10X More Income With "Anti-Automation"
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Joe Lavery
Conversion Systems

Tuesday, 3:23 PM
Saratoga Springs, NY

What’s the fastest way to sell your product for $1,000 plus?

It’s webinars.

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The Most Important Section In “Expert Secrets” - The Perfect Webinar Model And How We Made It 2 Times Better!

Why You Must Get Your Own “Virtual Stadium” of your Perfect Prospects (and how we turn Russell’s Expert Secrets Webinar Model into a Reliable Income Machine)

Why Automation Is Killing Your Sales (and how we use ANTI-AUTOMATION to bring in $1K Buyers reliably)

The Fastest Way To Build A High-Conversion Selling System That Consistently Closes $1K Sales - Almost Daily! (without flying blind, guesswork, huge advertising budgets, or making a pile of unnecessary mistakes that cost you time, energy & money)

Why Confidence Is Optional (Leadership, serving them, introverts, easier than public speaking, no camera required)

The Unfair Webinar Advantage - Secret Weapon (GoToWebinar becomes a powerful marketing suite, inbox secret, broadcast trick + big consumption encore + Mobile UX)

Bypass your audience’s resistance mechanism using invisible “buy signals” and buy triggers… like flipping a secret switch in their brain.

“People often say that sales from live webinars don’t last. Well, neither does bathing – that’s why we recommend it weekly if not daily.”

Breath life into your sales presentations.

An old Chinese proverb says, “If I tell you, you forget. If I show you, you remember. If I involve you, you understand.”

Speed Mindreading: How To Detect What Your Customers REALLY Want
Inside Of This 100% FREE Book, Here's A Few Of The Secrets You'll Discover (For FREE...)
Text Message Cash Machine: Learn How To Get Webinar Leads Off The Fence And Into Your Program With The Push Of The Button
Fence Tipper Follow-Up Formula: Learn How To Force Leads To Make A Decision
F-The-Fence Formula: How To Force Indecisive Prospects To “Say Yes” Or “Say No” Without Deception or Tricks
Effortless Persuasion: How To Find Your Flow And Start Selling With Ease
Million Dollar Webinar Scripts
You’ll Get Word-For-Word Examples Of What To Say On Your Webinars, When To Say What, And How To Start Conversations With Attendees With Live Chat.

This Step-By-Step System Works On All Of The 4 Primary Buying Types.

"Keep Your Mind From Going Blank… Ever Again!"
Get The F**k Off-The-Fence: How To Force Indecisive Prospects To “Say Yes” Or “Say No” Without Deception or Tricks
Get Off The F**king Fence: How To Force Stubborn Prospects To “Say Yes” Or “Say No” Without Deception or Tricks

Get Off The F**king Fence: How To Force Stubborn Prospects To Make A “Yes or No” Decision Leading To 20% In Added Revenue (OR MORE)

"There are 3 Innocent Questions To Ask On Webinars That Make Almost Any Prospect Want To Give You Money...

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